Lecture Hours

Days of
a week

Morning Class

Afternoon Class

Evening Class

Monday -    Friday




Saturday and






Introduction of Lecture

Contents of Lecture


Elementary Class

120 hours

Pre-Intermediate Class

120 hours

Intermediate Class

120 hours

Preparatory Class for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)


120 hours



Manabo! Nihongo (Elementary 1)

The students can generally learn fundamental Japanese sentence patterns and daily communication skills through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  About 118 Kanji letters and 1200 words are learned. 

Manabo! Nihongo (Elementary 2)

The students learn grammar, Kanji and vocabularies and can practically use them.  Additionally, they acquire hearing and understanding power and master conversational ability.  They will learn about 210 Kanji letters and about 770 words more to prepare for N4 of JLPT.



Manabo! Nihongo (Pre-Intermediate)

The students learn a little higher sentence patterns, grammatical expressions and vocabularies and acquire 300 Kanji letters and about 600 words to prepare for N3 of JLPT.   

Manabo! Nihongo (Intermediate)

The students are trained in the higher Japanese language practicing skills by learning conversation and communication ability.  In addition, they deepen understanding of Japanese language in special fields.  They newly learn 300 Kanji and about 1020 words to prepare for N2 of JLPT.  

Method to proceed the class

1. Cambodian instructors are in charge of the class of grammar and explain it in detail in Khmer. 

2. A few of Japanese instructors are in charge of the classes of Kanji and conversation.

3. Text books, picture teaching materials, CDs and Kanji training video DVD, teaching materials are being the best use of to carry out the classes smoothly and efficiently.     

4. Conversation/communication abilities and problem solving abilities are fostered through the classroom activities of role-play simulation project works, etc.


Annual Events


January to March

First term

School trip at the end of March

March to June

Second term

School trip at the end of June

June to September

Third term

School excursion at the end of September

September to December

 Fourth term

School trip at the end of December

July and December

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

February, April, June, August, October, December

Japanese NATTEST



















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