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MIRAI Japanese Language School

Our school is located in the downtown area of Phnom Penh where many human resources gather from various areas of Cambodia. Our school which was established in July 2018 is making an offer of reliable education. With many experienced instructors and teachers with high quality special skills, the students can easily learn and understand Japanese language.  Here at our school, we not only teach Japanese language but also teach Japanese culture, customs and others and train the students so that they can get used to them.  
The students studying at our MIRAI Japanese Language School can build up human relations with various people, understand Japanese culture and others quite well, develop their own opinions and at the end, can be Cambodian people best for their families and our country rich and promising in the future.

Education Policy


1. The students studying at our school can perform the satisfactory result with full and clear understanding concerning the use of highly efficient and correct pronunciation of Japanese language in mother tongue.
2. This school is practicing education and training of Japanese language and culture in Cambodia and in Japan as well as activities to deepen understanding of Japan and Japanese people.
3. Mirai Japanese Language School can train the students so that they would be able to promote and develop their own skills and capabilities in their social and international context.
4. This school introduces to the students famous universities in Japan so that they can study Japanese language more and further.

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Laurine Chateau
Laurine Chateau
21 Mar 2022 10:21 AM
To Whom It May Concern,

I'm Laurine Chateau and I'm working as a volunteer at Le Jardin des langues Ayravady in Kep, Cambodia as a Japanese teacher. We welcome for free children and adults as a complement to the public school.
Our goal is to offer the children of the neighborhood an alternative to street games or housework. The center offers educational, recreational, sports and artistic activities, English and French courses at different levels as well as health and environmental awareness activities.

In order to contribute to the development of the region, we wish to set up JAPANESE LANGUAGE COURSES. To launch this new initiative and to raise awareness among Cambodian people about other Asian cultures, we are planning to create an event around Japanese culture. The program will include origami and calligraphy workshops, manga drawing initiation, karaoke, cinema discovery and Japanese cuisine (maki sushi, yakitori, matcha..).

The funds collected will be used to employ a native japanese teacher, to buy notebooks, pencils, Japanese books and materials necessary for the organization of the event. The opening of a Japanese language class would open new job opportunities for children and adults in Kep. As tourism is growing tremendously in Cambodia even in this time of health crisis, the teaching of Asian languages is essential to welcome asian tourists. It will permit new job opportunities to Cambodians.

We are looking for an advertisement partnership for this event. In return, we will guarantee you media exposure (logo on the poster, company on a banner, communication on social networks, etc.).

I truly believe that our project could benefit the development of tourism in the region of Kep but also in Kampot.

Do not hesitate to have a look at our social media account :

Instagram : @jardin_des_langues_ayravady

Facebook :@jardindeslanguesayravady

I would be pleased to meet you in your office in Phnom Penh in the conditions that suit you the best to discuss the project.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Best regards

Laurine Chateau, Project Manager & Japanese teacher

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