MIRAI REIWA CO., LTD is the best company for consulting, guidance enter student to study at Japan. MIRAI REIWA CO., LTD was established in May 13, 2020 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of MIRAI Japanese Language School.  Nowadays our company always enter the student to study in japan.  What the most propose that we always think is enter student to study in japan. Our staff and leader was graduate at institute of foreigner have a lot of experience.


-         Director EM DERPERE was graduated at IFL (Institute of Foreign Languages) in major Japanese and graduated from university of Japan.

-         Mr. PHON BROSPECH is a Principal Senior Manager and graduated from IFL (Institute of Foreign Languages) and had worked in Japan for 4 years. 

-         Ms. HUY MOUY KEA is a Manager officer who was graduated from IFL (Institute of Foreign Languages) she has had experience 3 years of prepare document.

-         Ms. NHOEM SOKNA is an COE Consulting of prepare document who completed bachelor degree from PUC (Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia). She has had experience of preparing documents for 3 years to present. And completed Japanese Language from Tokyo University of Social Welfare in Japan. 

-         Ms. BO SREYPICH is an employee of prepare document who is studying at Royal University of Phnom Penh. She has experienced for prepare document 2 years. 

The curriculum number of students enrolled to Japan for each academic year


Registered students

Total Pass

Total Students Waiting result











Due to COVID 19 MIRAI REWA.CO,.LTD still accepting more and more students  is  apply to study in Japan, and students are currently studying in Japan. There are 10 students who are ready to continue their studies in 2022, and we also have 35student waiting for the results.

 and many places have closed, but MIRAI Japanese Language School still active on social media such as- teaching by Zoom online class, and post the video teaching through online to Facebook Page and YouTube learning in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. However, our school still have a lot of student register to study.


MIRAI Japanese Language School has National and International cooperation partnership.