Message from Principal

Message from Principal

Minasan, konnichiwa! You are welcome to Mirai Japanese Language School!  The place where I was born was near the border with Thailand.  It was a poor place with there were a lot of landmines left not properly disposed of, but I worked very hard to survive.  I want you to work hard, too,   when I was a child, I was not interested in Japanese language to learn at all and in Japanese people, neither. 

My house was far and about ten kilometers from my school and I went to school and back by bicycle every morning and evening.  The school was made of bamboo and not very convenient at all, but I thought I was very happy.  My parents were very poor but were working very hard for our children.  So, I was studying hard, too, for such my parents, even though I was born at the dangerous place where there were a lot of landmines.

One day, when I was a third grade junior high school boy, I happened to meet a Japanese gentleman, and my purpose in the future came to be clear and distinct and I wanted to learn Japanese language.  Soon I came to be able to speak some Japanese and could get in touch with the Japanese gentleman and went to Japan to study Japanese language more and culture and customs there. 

After having come back to Cambodia, so as to help my country, I wanted to establish my own Japanese language school.  This is Mirai Japanese Language School located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  In this school, we opened {General Japanese Language Course} where we can learn Japanese Culture as well as Japanese language, first.  We have set up the newest facilities and introduced positive Japanese language education.  Of course, we have a special advanced course for the students wishing to study at Japanese Language schools, colleges and universities in Japan, whom we devote ourselves to guide various courses suitable for them.  We, Mirai Japanese Language School, are very at home and the students can pleasantly and comfortably study in tranquil circumstances even though we are located in the central part of Phnom Penh and with many teachers to consult their personal matters friendly.           

Message to the students thinking of entering our Mirai Japanese Language School

Mirai Japanese Language School minutely supports careers of the students in order to realize their hopes and desires to study and/or work in Japan.  Mirai Japanese Language School sincerely supports the students from their entrance till their graduation and there is no problem.  All of our teachers thinking of the students most preferentially are waiting for you.  Excellent students of our school have possibility to acquire scholarship, and we all support them with all our might so that they can newly step a step forward so as to brighten themselves. Everybody, please do your best!  


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